A world-wide event to raise awareness of brain injury and to educate the world about this debilitating epidemic is set to take place at the end of June. Brain injury associations, charities and related organisations from across the world are being encouraged to take part in the Global Picnic on 30 June.

The website supporting this incredible goal has gone live today!

The event is being organised by Annie Ricketts, a passionate campaigner who herself has a brain injury, and many other people whose lives have been touched by the different causes of damage and disease that affect the brain. Annie said: “We want everyone across the world, whether they are affected by brain injury or not, to come together in parks, sports fields, church halls…anywhere people can think of, to meet one shared goal – to raise awareness of brain injury.”

“We need two things to make this event a success. We need people to register where they will be having lunch, are having a picnic, or the event they are organising on the website, and we need the media to support us. Our intention is to  educate the world and alter attitudes.”

“Please come and take a look at what we are doing and to find out why.”